About Us

Al-Fayha follows the national laws and basic principles that start with the quality and satisfaction of its products, as it is from its water sources, where Al-Fahya water stems from underground wells that purify it through modern purification techniques. According to international quality standards

Our vision

Fayha Water’s vision is to be a major supplier of 5 gallon
water of the highest quality and best cost through a
passionate customer service team.

Our mission

Fayha Water is committed to vitality, environmental
preservation and the development of the quality level in the
Saudi market to reach international standards

About Fayha

Fayha water is a Saudi national company established in Riyadh in 1996 by Saudi experts and specialists according to the highest international quality standards. Then, its activity until 2016 AD, when Fayha reshaped its identity and launched its new factory specialized in the production and distribution of low-sodium drinking water bottles of 5 gallons/19 liters for distribution in Riyadh and surrounding areas to gain the trust and loyalty of a growing base of customers that is constantly expanding, which enhances the spread of the Fayha brand in the Saudi market.